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About Complete Psychiatry & Medical Care PLLC

About Us

Complete Psychiatry & Medical Care, Pllc,  is a one stop practice for your mental health and medical care needs in the Katy/Houston area.


Our model of care considers the wholistic nature of the mind and body. If the mind is not sound, the body suffers and vice versa. That is why at Complete Psychiatry & Medical Care, the state of your whole health is our prime focus, not just the disease.


Our dedication to excellent and compassionate care is shown in every aspect of our practice which is personalized to individual needs and evidence based.

Complete Psychiatry & Medical care provides both telemedicine / telepsychiatry and outpatient clinic services to clients of all ages across the lifespan in the state of Texas.

Our Board certified and DEA licensed practitioners are doctorate prepared and dual certified family and psychiatric nurse practitioners licensed in the state of Texas.


*Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are currently providing virtual appointments only via or an online telepsychiatry/telehealth*.

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